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So I know Im super duper new at blogging but Im gonna stick to my guns this time! I just have so much inspiration that I must get it all out, for instance my crafty ladies Nikki and Sara also Lana. They actually inspire me the most and I love that, because it gives me the extra push to do what I love. We are planning this craft show coming up in October so im so excited about that and all day today was like a brain storming session. So if you have any ideas or just want to come to see all the fun stuff we are going to have please let me know, that would be pretty awesome. While the other ladies are doing everything from cup cozies to art work, Im going to work on my stitching and sewing. Also the guys might want to come too Im planning on having a whole line or skinny ties with all different fabrics and colors. Well, more pictures to come to give you an idea of what were going to be featuring at the event!


Freaks and Geeks

This show is an amazing, funny show filled with actors and guest stars from Jason Schwartzman to the drunk from superbad! An awesome inspiration to do some fun cross-stitching. Hope everyone has a F.U.N week. I’ll admit I’m a freak and a geek ; )

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So I seriously love this show its been coming on IFC and try and watch every episode since there was only one season of the show. My favorite part is seeing some of my favorite actors and actresses from James franco to Seth rogan.

Shows an stuff

So when I was younger I used to go to shows and try and be social but as ive gotten a little older not so committed to the music scene. But just tonight my husband played at a house show with a couple friends hes known for years. Actually me and my hubby met at a show in 2004 that was a bunch of local bands that are no longer together but we got married in 2007 and are very happy together and love sharing the same things we loved when we first met.

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