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My creative process!

So this weekend I was extra tired from working two jobs now so It seemed a little overwhelming but I stuck to it and I am so glad, because now I have two places that I can draw inspiration from. I would like to know what inspires you when you are creating something you love. Whether it be music, people, the day or night! I know for one thing my most explosive ideas come to me at the unwinding part of my day when im almost out of the shower. Here are a few ideas that came to me just this week! I want to always try and focus on mens and women’s accessories so in addition to skinny ties and bow ties I think something like theses would be a great way for guys to add that little touch of magic to there outfit but I will make any combo boutonnière like buttons sticks fabrics even quirky legos or dice etc.Also in love with her skin color and hair style perfect! Classic movies and actresses always inspire me. If you know me anything Japanese is so beautiful and inspiring in so many way, my dads mother was born and raised in Okinawa, Japan and I love that it is part of my heritage. I had this inspiration to make paper cranes into a hair clip but I still have more to do so still a work in progress but is going to be amazing and im sure you will love them as I do.


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