Crafting with a lot of love


So recently I have been really productive which is what I thrive off of. Lately Ive had time on my off days to create and just be inspired by the things I LOVE. Here is the latest of what I want to do one day, and I admire the creativity in each and every little thing! Thats right all these dresses are make out of curlers, chocolates, origami, balloons and flowers now what is better than that ! My goal will be to reconstruct something wonderful from everyday little things. So come to our Indie Craft Show to see what im making !!!! It’ll be a hoot


My creative process!

So this weekend I was extra tired from working two jobs now so It seemed a little overwhelming but I stuck to it and I am so glad, because now I have two places that I can draw inspiration from. I would like to know what inspires you when you are creating something you love. Whether it be music, people, the day or night! I know for one thing my most explosive ideas come to me at the unwinding part of my day when im almost out of the shower. Here are a few ideas that came to me just this week! I want to always try and focus on mens and women’s accessories so in addition to skinny ties and bow ties I think something like theses would be a great way for guys to add that little touch of magic to there outfit but I will make any combo boutonnière like buttons sticks fabrics even quirky legos or dice etc.Also in love with her skin color and hair style perfect! Classic movies and actresses always inspire me. If you know me anything Japanese is so beautiful and inspiring in so many way, my dads mother was born and raised in Okinawa, Japan and I love that it is part of my heritage. I had this inspiration to make paper cranes into a hair clip but I still have more to do so still a work in progress but is going to be amazing and im sure you will love them as I do.

I have decided that today I must get organized in my life if I am ever going to be at my best, this has been in the works for such a very long time and I will complete this project today! I feel like this will give me a greater appreciation for what I have and make life so much easier, because if you know me I am NOT a tidy person at home, but at work im the complete opposite. So theses area few ways I was inspired to get my things together. And while im doing my thing my sweet honey is going to be creating his studio for his photography business, since we do live in Florida and temps seem too unbearable at times. He will have that simple option for his clients, or just to have a fun thing to do if we are having friends over!

Easy peasy lemon sqeazie

Ok so this is just one of the other things Id like to sell at the event coming up in october, also I plan on having custom made to order mats like with your last names an such. Well I was inspired by the lovley lemon blog when I was thinking of a post title since I got to see my sweet friend Sara today. And we are both extremly in love with all the crazy ideas up in the air about this fun event that the three of us are doing in October! Which includes miss octopus herself Nikki who was busy creativly crafting away today! All in all I will commit the time it takes to do what I love, and am so happy that I can have the opportunity to share it with everyone! Thats all for now stay crafty.

love an family

I have been trying so hard to spend time with my nephew and family because he seems to grow so fast. I just wanted to show a little bit of how amazing he is. Thanks to my sweet husband for letting me take his camera to get a few special photos of his first birthday. I love my Mr. so very much its THE BEST! Tomorrow will be another adventure in thrifting I cant wait, cross your fingers that treasures are discovered. Plus more craft time to be completed and photos to follow up on. Until then I will share more and update on the craft show also!!! Sweet Dreams and Safe days.

Best monday ever!

So I love all things Ginger Rogers and 1920’s to 1950’s here is a little view into my world of Inspiration! I hope you see what I see in the styles I love. Now all my spare time is going to be dedicated to making adorable vintage inspired hats and hair accessories.

Pleasant Thursday

Today is going to be a wonderful day! I have a feeling things are going to be pleasant today. Im still feeling very creative from yesterdays brainstorming so hope full today I can get some fun projects started and planned out! Alrighty Im off to get some much needed carribean coffee to get me up an atom! Be back later to share same hademade treasure!!!!!